The commissioner of the world’s most exciting, entertaining and competitive basketball league, the National Basketball Association (NBA), has announced that the organisation is in its early planning stage of organising a pan African basketball league.

With initiatives such as the basketball without borders in partnership with FIBA, The NBA Africa Game, Junior NBA, NBA Academy Games in Africa, China, India, Latin America and Australia, and so on, the NBA is expanding its franchise with a new initiative, a pan African Sports League. It will be said here that the Continental Basketball League which was the first pan African sports league started this initiative in Africa with players from all over the continent converging in Lagos and Abidjan. With this initiative coming from the NBA, it means that kids playing basketball will have a league in Africa to aspire to aside the domestic league organized by their national federations.

With a lot of under development in the game of basketball on the African Continent, this league will definitely open up the market in Africa and bring about massive economic opportunity in the sports industry.

The NBA also plans to take the NBA Africa game to other African cities and with a new arena constructed in Dakar and the NBA’s vice president and managing director for Africa being a Senegalese, who knows if that city would be the next host of the game?

According to the commissioner, the NBA is 80 per cent black, 25 per cent of its players are either born in Africa or have a parent of African descent. Hence, one of the reason it is driven to develop and grow the game in Africa.