This teenager was the youngest player at the CBL May Madness tournament in 2017 and he played a very key role in the championship winning team, the Lagos City Stars. Prior to that tournament he was just a kid passionate about basketball with amazing work ethics.


Starting at point guard, home-based and an amateur player nobody would have expected Chukwudalu Egbejiogu to put up the kind of performance he displayed at the May Madness tournament last year considering the caliber of players that were in that tournament. Nevertheless, he proved to the world that Nigeria is the mecca of basketball with his dazzling skills and crosses crucifying experienced players and helping the Lagos City Stars to win the championship.

Hard work they say pays off. There’s no doubting the work ethics of this young lad and his passion for the game of basketball. Little wonder this kid is flying Nigeria’s flag high in faraway Australia where the NBA Academy games is being held. The teams participating in this event are from the NBA Global Academies in Africa, India, Latin America, China and NBA Global. The organizers of this event are NBA Academy and Basketball Australia.

With age on his side, the sky is definitely the starting point for this star in the making. And he is already in the process of becoming a global superstar.